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Welcome to Morrisso Health

Morrisso Health is a social enterprise business, which aims to support health and well-being across Greater Manchester.

Whilst we work all over Greater Manchester providing initiatives to improve health and well being, our profits will be used to support health and well being in the areas of Blackley, Charlestown and Harpurhey.

Our mission is to change the way people view health and well being, improve access and attendance rates by promoting innovative non medical initiatives, which have been somewhat overlooked and under funded in the past. We hope we will make a positive impact in all the areas we are invited to work. However, we aim to use our profits to support the area in which the business was first established.

To book a session please join us on our Cloudstudio to see all of the latest sessions near you, access videos ans buy monthly or weekly passes.

Morrisso Health Background

Morrisso Health was founded by Kathy Morrison who is a working mum based in Blackley. It has now grown into an inspirational team of 4, we are all local instructors, all with the same passion and drive to make a lasting impact.

Meet The Team

Kathy Morrison – Level 3/4 Instructor – Specialising in exercise to music, exercise with older adults, seated exercise, adapting exercise for pre and post natal clients, nutrition for exercise and GP referrals for people with long term health conditions.

Leonie Painter – Level 2 Instructor – Specialising in supporting mental health in exercise, high intensity interval training, step and combat aerobics, licensed Hiitstep and Totally Shredded instructor.

Kelly Pierce – Hiitstep Instructor – Specialising in high intensity, high energy interval workouts designed to burn, boost and uplift.

Kathy says:

“Exercise is not a ‘one size fits all’ in fact, many people are put off exercise by attending a session that isn’t suitable for them or if the instructor leading the session isn’t able recognise the need to adapt the session to suit the client.

If we are to make an impact we have to reach those people and change their view, providing lots of variety to empower people to make that change for themselves at a level that’s right for them. We have seen many initiatives come and go in these areas, but by the time word spread the funding was over and the sessions ceased. Therefore, the sessions were never around long enough to make a lasting impact.

We need instructors who are not just there to earn money for themselves, instructors who understand local health trends, have mental health awareness training and a good understanding of the barriers to exercise that come with long term health conditions, particularly for the elderly.

I was given the opportunity to train as a chair based instructor, by local charity The Chatterbox Project, Blackley. I then went on to start this social enterprise business after my training helped me to understand how my own Nan’s health deteriorated after a fall.

I am happy to say my Nan turns the ripe old age of 94 next year, however her quality of life over the last decade has declined considerably. It is quite clear in hindsight that my Nan’s life changed after a fall, she lost her confidence, gradually she lost her mobility, then she became more isolated and her mental health declined very rapidly thereafter.

The problem back then was that physical exercise referral (PARS) was limited, we now have a dedicated Health and Well being service with Buzz and the PARS service has become much more accessible for those with long term health conditions.

However, I felt all of this amazing work would be wasted if there wasn’t more instructors in the community who were qualified to work with the people discharged from PARS. This is where I thought Morrisso Health could help.

I was lucky to meet the team at Yes Manchester early in my journey and they put me on business course one day per week for 12 weeks, at the end of this there was an opportunity to apply for funding. As well as this I sought to re-train to ensure my qualifications were recognised by both the exercise and medical community.

It is pleasing to see approaches are now changing for the better. More and more research is demonstrating the links between physical and mental health. However, the idea of social prescribing is still relatively new for many in my community”.

Kathy Morrison, Founder Morrisso Health

Social Prescribing

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Social prescribing involves empowering individuals to improve their health and well being and social welfare by connecting them to non-medical and community support services. It is an innovative and growing movement, with the potential to reduce the financial burden on the NHS and particularly on primary care
(The Social Prescribing Network).

What do Pilot Studies tell us?

Whilst most pilot studies report positive findings such as fewer GP visits, hospital admissions and A&E visits. Despite this, robust well attended programs appear slower to take hold outside the pilot areas.

An April 2018 article from Third Sector, highlights some of the reasons behind this Social prescribing is not always a win-win

In this report Janet Wheatley, chief executive of Voluntary Action Rotherham, acknowledges that Rotherham’s funding is not the norm, but came about thanks to “a leap of faith” by a supportive clinical commissioning group.

In most of the social prescribing projects she visits across the country, voluntary and community organisations are expected to respond to referrals with no additional funding.

Morrisso Health Solution

We hope to address some of the issues by offering solutions that work with the dynamically different demographics in areas across Manchester.

Research shows that so many people become isolated because of a health condition, and regular activities can be daunting.

Morrisso Health, provides activities in the heart of communities, in the home, in the workplace and within care facilities. Our instructors are all trained and have strong mental health awareness to support all client to achieving their goals, be these social or physical.